De La Salle College Malta 
St. Edward Street





The College The College, opened in 1939, is situated in the South East of the island. It is surrounded by its own gardens, playgrounds, athletic fields and running track. The main entrance lies on Cottonera Road. The Junior School This is for boys aged  between 6 and 11 years.  English is the first language taught (followed soon after by Maltese) and is the formal medium of instruction. Other subjects taught are Religion, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, Art, Music, Drama, PE, ICT, PSD, and a foreign language in Year 6. At this stage particular stress is laid on the acquisition  of good manners and general  well-being as well as a love of learning. Reading  is encouraged and homework is given daily • The Secondary School This has in view the MATSEC examinations.

During the first three years  the programme gives the boys a broad education and specialization is encouraged in the last two years.  A highly qualified staff provides  a sound  education for every pupil. Fully equipped science, technology and computer laboratories help the students deepen their knowledge and skills. The Sixth Form Both boys and girls are eligible for entry into sixth form. Places are given according to a points system, and a threshold  of points is established for students from De La Salle College and Stella Maris College. The Lasallian Mission The College is owned and managed by the De La Salle Brothers,  an international  body of educators who, together  with their lay partners, concern themselves with the all-round education of the pupils in their care. The Lasallian community aims at developing  the latent qualities of the child and adolescent in an atmosphere of friendliness  and discipline. St John Baptist De La Salle Our Founder  was born in Reims, France, in 1651 and for over 300 years  Brothers from all over the world have dedicated themselves to the Christian education of young people.  St John Baptist De La Salle was proclaimed patron of Christian Teachers on May 15, 1950. Faith Religious values  permeate the whole College life, and this is achieved mainly through religious instruction, confessions and Holy Mass  and the services of devoted Chaplains. Pupils are taught Lasallian prayers at an early age,  are encouraged to spend some  time in quiet reflection in the Prayer  Room and to join in such activities as Retreats, Prayer Meetings  and Days of Recollection.  We have participated in the successful project Itīs Time to Help with the other partners so we see  another  opportunity for our school in continuation  of our cooperation in environmental  matters as well as in novelty value in the approach of tackling sustainable development including research education.



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