Olaines 1.vidusskola
Zeiferta 4
LV-2114 Olaine





Olaines 1.vidusskola is a secondary school just 24km from our capital city Riga. There are 964 students aged  5- 19 and 86 teachers at our school. We offer a pre-school programme for 5-6 year- old kids and a comprehensive school programme for a primary and secondary school pupils. Olaines 1.vidusskola realises the state  educational standarts in primary and secondary school. The educational programmes that are currently realised at school allow the students to enter and study at all higher educational establishments after leaving the school. We are Eco school only from September 2014. During the teaching – learning process the great part of attention is paid to the creation  of the physical and psychological school environment, to work with high motivated students to develop  their knowledge.  A special  attention is paid to students with special  needs – learning and discipline difficulties and their integration into normal class  environment.  Our school takes  part in approbation of new learning approach – Competency-based learning. We are one of the pilot schools in Latvia The project days in the elementary and primary school are carefully planned  and selected. Our school is situated in a post soviet industrial city, about 40% of the inhabitants are Russian speaking. Since we got independence in 1991, a lot of children from Russian speaking families come to study in our school, some  students come from poor social background. For the last 3 years  we have got a special  programme for students with learning and behaviour  difficulties. This programme is realised for students of Elementary  and Primary school. Our school takes  an active part in different international  projects  – Comenius, Nordplus, Erasmus+, Youth in action. We have got 10 years experience in it. Students of our school show very good results  in state  exams  and state  subject olimpiades.  They take an active part in different after school activities and workshops – folk dance groups,  ensembles, sport workshops, drama  workshop,  schooll newspaper etc. Our folk dance groups take part in Latvian School Youth dance and song festival that takes  place every 4 years  and it is one of the most important events in the cultural life of Latvia. Students’ Parliament takes  an active part in school life and try to make everybody’s  life at school more interesting  and memorable . Taking part in this project gives an opportunity for students to learn how people live in Europe,  widen their horizon, improve their language and IT skills. It also gives them an opportunity to work in team, be responsible for their own task, speak in front of the audience, get acquainted with other cultures. It also gives a great chance for teachers to discuss different educational and environmental  problems in different European countries.  

How the previous Project has influenced our schoolwork...

We have organized an Eco school corner, where work, activities, goals and achievements of Eco-School can be seen. The information is updated everyyear. We have started active waste recycling in our school – there are special containers in the hallways and boxes for it in the classrooms. Students have become more economical. The idea of healthy food has been actualized – the school takes part in the state programmes “Fruit for School” and Milk for School”, also different activities had been organised –days of vegetables, workshops using recycled materials, etc. Our school Eco Committee was easier to start Eco-School programme, because all the Eco-School Themes had been worked out during the previous project. We have got a lot ofexperience in cooperating with partnership schools. It was very important in previous Project that a team of the Czech Republic had arranged thoughtful, accurate hometasks, because it was easy for us to involve in fulfilling them not only students who took part in a Project but also others. We have received the World Green Flag for the fourth time what is the highest valuation for our work. The Project has given stimulus and motivation to live green, focus on green lifes tyle.

Our expectations of the ITTC Project

We are looking for interesting meetings, cooperating opportunities for students and teachers both our school and partner ship schools. To gain new ideas for developing Eco movement in our school, expand students’ communicative skills.



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