Källhagens skola
Lukkarinkuja 2
08700 LOHJA





Källhagens skola is an upper secondary school that participates in the Eco-School program  with 40 members of the staff and 218 learners. The pupils in our school are mainly Swedish-speaking  or bilingual (Swedish and Finnish) and comes from an area  around the town of Lojo/Lohja. In our education, we focus on environmental  questions in all teaching subjects. Our upper secondary school has an environmental  team consisting  of both democratically  affecting actively planning group and a volunteering group that participates occasionally. These pupils and our teacher team cooperate with the other Swedish speaking and bilingual schools  in the community. Our school received our Green flag/Eco-school status on a sustainable level 2013-2014. Our school wish to participate in exchanging ideas  in the field of environmental  education. International  project among schools  gives us the possibility to share and compare ICT in education. We also hope to compare standards in supporting  pupils Eco-socially and to furthermore be able to implement important parts of our curriculum concerning the topics of sustainable education and eco-sociality.  Anna Idman and Johnny  Kronqvist will share the responsibilities. In case if any of these two would not continue the post would be taken over by Anders Johanson and Katri Lindholm. Our school offer contribution in the fields of ICT and outdoor teaching, especially  by Anna Idman and Katri Lindholm and Johnny Kronqvist arduino/C++.  The co-operation with local companies and shopkeepers and their local association has resulted  in an exibition of cars  with low polluting emissions. This exhibition takes place annually in August.

Through the ITTC-project we want to gain a deeper insight into how to use IT and STEAM in our school. We hope that our pupils will develop a greater understanding and even more positive attitude towards sustainable living and get a sense of togetherness in eco-thinking. The previous ITTH-project inspired us to incorporate 6 Eco-School lessons in the school curriculum, each with a different theme based on the 4 principles ofsustainable living, so that all pupils could take part in them regardless if they were on the Eco-School team or not. Througt the ITTH-project our school gained visibility in the press and branded itself as an Eco-School with the agenda to make sustainable thinking permeate every subject in the curriculum (as now stated in the new national curriculum from 2016).




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