Travnik 27
75002 Prerov
Czech Republic




Elementary School Prerov, Travnik 27 is situated in the eastern part of the Czech Republic, in the part called Moravia. Our pupils have been taught according to the educational programme Travnik School Will Give You the Green Light for Life. We have renewed our efforts to offer our pupils pleasant and stimulating environment both for learning and for their personal development in every aspect. We have been trying to offer thought-provoking and inspiring environment and modern teaching styles. Pupils can also attend many afterschool clubs.

We have been active in the Eco-School international programme since 2009 and we are the holders of the Green Eco-School Flag and our school Eco-Team work under leading of the teacher-specialists in environmental education. We are also members of the School for Sustainable Life School-Association and Students´ Parliament SOS. We try to impact not just on the inner school life but also its environs. Eco-School´s motto is: 

The certified nature Eco-garden with environmental elements, such as a lake and herb garden is the integral part of our school. It is used not only for field teaching or relaxation but also for observations and experiments within science subjects. Micro-World of Animals and Plant and Green Terraces and Water Life were carried out there recently together with the national project on adaptation and water biotope expansion and educational components installation in the garden. 

Our attention is focused on environmental education therefore we have been taking part in various programmes, such as

  • International Forest Programme at School (Forest at School – School in the Forrest) which motivates pupils to explore forest by all senses.
  • “Fresh Wind from Mountains” where teachers can share experience by the form of meetings, on-line webinars and afternoon meetings with the aim to present good practice from Science-teaching and inquiry-based learning.
  • “Nature – Science Didactics and Practising Teacher” provides the opportunity to improve teachers´ competences while combines practical and theoretical pedagogical working environment.
  • “Environmental and Inquiry-Based Learning in nature Eco-garden at Elementary School Travnik” with the aim to install new educational elements

We coordinated the successful international project “It´s Time to Help” (2014 - 2016) that was awarded “The Cachet of Quality Erasmus+ School Education 2016”. ITTC was also presented in “Best Practice Results from Erasmus+ at A European Conference on Dissemination and Impact in the School Sector in May 2017 in Bonn.  In the ITTH project we cooperated and made friends from five European Eco-Schools from Germany, Finland, Latvia, Malta and Portugal. It helped us all compare our up-to-then work in environmental issues, get new insight into ordinary life of our schools, share experience and ideas and look for effective treatment of selected topics, such as Water, Energy, Eco-Consumer, School Environment, Waste and Biodiversity. ITTH contributed to progress in many aspects; mainly in the language and ICT competences, problem-solving and social and personal competences (problem understanding, planning ways to solve it, seeking for information, cooperation, participation, discussions and monitoring). The ITTH project led pupils, teachers and the public to realize that sustainable growth is the only way how to save the Earth for future generations.

The new project “It´s Time to Care“ is a logical continuation of our cooperation within the ITTH. Our aim is to use STEAM concept (Science-Technology-Engineering-Art-Maths) for research education which makes possible to intertwine other school subjects, such as ICT, Geography, Languages or History while working on respective topics, cooperate with students and teachers at primary/secondary/tertiary educational levels and also with specialists in various fields and from various environments. ITTC also offers a great chance for teachers who can take part in training and schooling for developing their personal and professional competences. ITTC objectives follow European 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development goals  = more cooperation, think more about other people and respect the environment.



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