ЧОУ "Малкият принц"
“The Little Prince” Private School
73 Vasil Drumev str.
9026 Varna




“The Little Prince” Private School is part of a private educational institution comprising a kindergarten, primary and lower secondary school and a high school. It was founded in 1995 as a sequence of “The Little Prince” Private Kindergarten, founded two years earlier. It provides modern secular education for children aged 7 to 15. The educational strategy is child-centred and is carried out using both traditional and innovative teaching methods, intertwined and well balanced.The school specialises in language teaching, namely English (starting in first grade with six classes per week) and Russian (with two classes per week), and adding French in fifth grade with four classes per week. Computer studies is also a core subject, starting from the primary school and following a fixed programme, preparing our students for the high school specialising in information technologies, also part of the same private educational institution.  The primary school (grades first - fourth) provides full-day instruction (8.30 - 16.30), including ten self-study classes per week, as well as additional activities - music, dance and theatre classes. The lower-secondary school (grades fifth to seventh) provides half-day instruction (8.30 - 15.00) with optional self-study classes till 17.00 o’clock.

The school schedule combines compulsory general education with specific projects and programmes, ensuring personal style and promoting adaptive behaviour.

·      Philosophy of behaviour – development of social skills;

·      Promotion of thinking – techniques after Edward de Bono, Matyugin and Buzan;

·      “Learning to Learn” Programme – mastering learning techniques;

·      Discipline through cooperation;

·      Acquiring strategies for successful behaviour.

Teachers and parents are partners, pursuing the same goal - to create a better future world through the development of our children.

“The Little Prince” educational institution is also multicultural as it has pupils and students from seventeen different nationalities. In the current school year the number of students in the “The Little Prince” Private School only is 211.



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